2016: The Year the NBA Played Like Steph Curry

Despite Stephen Curry’s recent downturn that cost his team the NBA finals, he remains the most prolific 3pt shooter of our day. With 482 three-pointers made in the most recent season, he eclipses both second (teammate Klay Thompson at 374) and third place (Damian Lillard at 271). This makes the Golden State Warriors a pain in the neck to defend – they score from further out than any other team in the league. So how does everybody else stay competitive? They play like Steph Curry.

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Does Lebron James play worse when he’s tired?

The problem

LeBron James is largely considered one of the best NBA athletes of the past decade, consistently scoring about 0.8 points per minute in play (for comparison, Kobe Bryant scored 0.62 and Blake Griffin scored 0.63 in their last 55 games). He’s also one of the best-paid athletes, contracted for 24 million USD in the 2016-2017 season. Last year, Quora user Shane Hiller calculated that LeBron makes about $107 per second of gameplay. That’s a lot of money, and a good coach should try and maximize LeBron’s performance. Continue reading “Does Lebron James play worse when he’s tired?”